FtM, pre-everything and not transitioning. Gay (don't know how else to describe it although I look 100% straight to the outer world who doesn't know I'm trans it couldn't be further from the truth (just look at my gay porn collection)) and married to a wonderful guy who's known about it and accepted me for years. I have 2 children, a daughter who's from June 2007 and a son who was born in January 2011.

I've been a slasher since 2000 and I write and draw occasionally. Almost always smut. Check out www.wufei.dk for some of my old work.

I love and adore Glee, especially Chris Colfer. I'm a multishipper but mostly a Klainer.

Other fandoms are: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Star Trek.
Will try not posting porn, but no guarantee. Will post spoilers occasionally, but will try not to ruin anything major 30 minutes before the ep is out.

28th December 2013

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Chris + 2013 highlights

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21st June 2013

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18th May 2013

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the glee characters join eurovision! - [more aus]

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18th May 2013



If the cake is a lie and there is no spoon … then why the hell am I gaining weight?

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16th May 2013

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doesn’t matter which character ryan plays, you’re gonna love him forever!!! he’s so damn talented!!! it’s a pity they killed vincent, and alphas was cancelled… :( 

Chris Colfer holds spots number 1, 2 and 3 on my list of most gorgeous guys in the world (his perfection is too incredibly huge for him to only be granted one.)
Ryan Cartwright is number 4. Look at that incredible mouth … and nose … and eyes. Perfect!

14th May 2013

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just love :)

He seems so nice from what I’ve read. I’m all for it.


just love :)

He seems so nice from what I’ve read. I’m all for it.

12th January 2013

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Chris about fan fiction and his butt

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12th January 2013

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I had no idea there were so many adjectives to describe my butt.
— Chris on fanfiction (via nolan-gerard-funk)

1st December 2012

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Chris Colfer really is one of the most beautiful human beings on this earth.
AfterElton’s Glee 4x08 Recap: Happy Klainesgiving! (via countess7)

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12th August 2012

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How is it possible for one person to be this beautiful?

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